Sunday, 29 January 2012

It's been created! - Reblogged.

This was what I was going to post before my "Demo's" post, and I will put the link of my show in at the end as it is on Soundcloud and would love to just get it out there to show people what I can do when I put my mind to it.

"So I have completely finished the editing of my 1 hour show, it's over by a minute but the minute is worth it if you listen to it. I shall be editing it down soon for a demo but the one I'm going to post on here has all the music and jingles included in it, the music's good and hopefully I am too.

The show is basically a carry-on from the Show Intro I posted in my last post, so it's called "Musical Cirlces" (I've never been good at naming things, if I ever had a baby it's going to be called something completely silly). And in this hour I am connecting about 7 or 8 artists, I forget which, to each other in sort of different ways - my first Artist is a big one so there were many options I could choose but I chose my favourite and hopefully that adds a bit of my flavour in to the whole equation.

At the end I finish with the big artist and give you my input of the best song of 2011, most people will now know it from so many places as it's been in TV adverts, Radio stations have been playing it almost non-stop and you know what, I will never, ever get tired of this song. It's jaunty and rhythmic, you get goosebumps all over your body."

Feel free to just comment or give me some sort of guidance on how you think I could improve, don't be shy because I will take it all into account!

Sophie Tibbles "Musical Circles"

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