Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Well hello there.

This is my first official post, it will include my ambitions and things up-and-coming within my life and maybe a cheeky clip. 

From this I would like to gain publicity, not much but enough to put me on some sort of media map. My year studying Radio Broadcasting at a college in Paisley was the best year of my life, it really opened my eyes to the world of media - not just Radio, but TV as well. In some aspects they are the same, in others totally different, but my ambitions are to become an Editor or even a Presenter, for Radio and maybe just a Presenter for TV. Even if it's not the biggest station, channel out there, it's a job right and I'd be happy with that.

At the moment I have to organise a few work experiences within Radio stations in and around Glasgow. I start one of them soon actually, (which is really exciting!) I'm considering in volunteering at a Radio station in Barrhead just for experience. If there is any chance of anyone in the media business just browsing over this, I'd quite like to add a clip of about 1 minute long. 

If there's any feedback, I'd be glad to look over it and proceed to take it into account.

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